TECNA ESD Balancers for Electrostatic Discharge Protection

Announcing a NEW product line developed for Electronics Assembly and ESD-Protection applications

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EPA – “ESD-PROTECTED AREA” A special protection zone within the production An ESD-protected zone (EPA) is an area in which electrostatic charges, which are often caused by static electricity, are prevented by using appropriate ESD products. This serves to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD), which can damage or destroy sensitive electronic components. Electrostatic-protected areas and single ESD workstations with the tools and equipment ESD-Safe are required in nearly the entire electronics- and semiconductor production.

Are your Spring Tool Balancers ESD-Safe?

ESD damage is mostly invisible to the naked eye!

Each year, an estimated $5 billion in losses from ESD damage occur in the electronics industry alone. Recurring ESD damage can be catastrophic from a business perspective. Businesses wind up spending more to replace equipment and component than they would on basic ESD-preventative products.

TECNA recommends the following balancers for electrostatic discharge protection:

NEW TECNA ESD Balancer | BalancersDirect.com
Model: 9310 – 9313ES 9320 – 9323ES 9336LES – 9350ES
TECNA ESD Balancer - 9310-9311-9312-9313ES | BalancersDirect.com TECNA ESD Balancer - 9320-9321-9322-9323ES | BalancersDirect.com TECNA ESD Balancer - 9336-9350ES | BalancersDirect.com
Body material: Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Stroke length: 63 in. (1600 mm) 78 in. (2000 mm) 98 in. (2500 mm)
Cable type: Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Capacity: 0.44 – 6.61 lbs. (0.2 – 3 kg.) 2.21 – 17.64 lbs. (1 – 8 kg.) 1.10 – 30.87 lbs. (0.5 – 14 kg.)

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