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TECNA ZERO-GRAVITY spring tool balancers feature an aluminum alloy or nylon housing and carry their load on a stainless steel wire rope. With zero-gravity models available from 0.4 to 396 lbs. (0.2 – 180 kg.), TECNA has the balancer you need to provide improved balance and easy handling.

What Are Zero-Gravity Balancers?

Zero-gravity balancers use a conical drum, calibrated to provide constant upward tension that counterbalances the weight of the suspended tool or load. This achieves a floating neutral support where gravity is essentially negated, allowing near-effortless positioning, while maintaining the load in the operator’s last position (see video below – ZERO gravity vs. retractor).

The key advantage of zero gravity balancers is that tools stay fixed wherever the operator places them within the unit’s range of travel. There is no automatic retraction. This allows freely maneuvering tools through the entire work envelope without fighting a retracting spring.

TECNA No Gravity LIGHT Balancer
Comparing Zero-Gravity vs Retractor Balancers
Tool Positioning Stays put when released Auto-retracts to rest position
Range of Motion Full – no retracting resistance Self-retracting – some resistance
Load Stability Stable at any point Can drift from the set position
Ease of Adjustment Fixed spring tension Adjustable via a tension knob
Cycle Efficiency Slower tool changes Faster to reset for the next use
Work Organisation Tools positioned randomly Tools consistently in set places
Frequently Asked Questions

Do zero-gravity and retractor balancers have weight capacity differences?

No, Tecna offers both types of balancers across the full range of capacities from 0.5 kg to over 150 kg. Load ratings are consistent for a given size unit regardless of the gravity or retractor mechanism.

Can zero-gravity balancers replace hoists or cranes?

Within their load capacity range, zero gravity balancers provide excellent maneuverability. But for suspended loads exceeding 150 kg, a powered hoist is recommended over manual handling.

Are retractor balancers faster for repetitive tasks?

Yes, the automatic return generally allows users to re-engage tools more rapidly compared to manual repositioning with zero gravity models. This improves cycle times.

Do retractor balancers require less training for operators?

Retractor balancers involve minimal training since tools always retract to set locations. Zero-gravity models require teaching users best practices to position loads ergonomically and avoid pinch points.

Can one workstation utilize both zero-gravity and retractor balancers?

Yes, TECNA’s balancers feature standardized mounting so a single workstation can be equipped with the best type of balancer for each particular tool requirement.

Are zero-gravity units better for manipulating objects like bins?

Yes, the ability to move loads anywhere without automatic retraction aids precise manipulation of containers, baskets, and other items.

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  • Optional Load Lock secures the load at any height (OPTION B)
  • Optional Rotating Insulated Load Hook allows user to rotate the load only, rather than the entire balancer (OPTION R)

* Features and specifications may vary, and are subject to change without notice

Speciality ZERO-Gravity Balancer
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