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TECNA explosion resistant (ATEX-rated) spring tool balancers and retractors are ideal for installation in hazardous conditions. This includes explosive areas containing flammable gases or combustible dust. TECNA explosion resistant balancers are ATEX certified to Ex II 2G c T6 and Ex II 2D c T85°C.

TECNA balancers and retractors make tools nearly weightless, reducing operator fatigue and improving safety and ergonomics. As the tool is repositioned the stainless steel cable extends and retracts smoothly from the aluminum housing, providing full range of motion. Tension adjustment is easy and precise.

TECNA explosion resistant (ATEX-rated) balancers and retractors are available in a standard Stainless Steel Cable models. Nylon Cable (synthetic rope) balancers are also available, but are not intended for use in hazardous or explosive environments.

TECNA 9250AX Balancers

TECNA Explosion Resistant Balancers

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  • Ribbed, Sealed Nylon or Aluminum Alloy housing
  • Stainless steel cable
  • Spring tension adjustable throughout the full load range
  • Adjustable travel limit on cable
  • Tapered drum rotates on ball bearings for smooth handling
  • Cable guides made of antifriction material for easiest use
  • Polyamide or Steel Wire Rope Thimble ensures long service life


  • Rotating safety hook hangs your balancer where you need it – securely!
  • Non-sparking spring drum assembly
  • Safety device protects load from falling if spring breaks (balancer capacity > 6.6 lbs / 3kg only)
  • Auxiliary safety cable included, to prevent balancer from falling if safety hook breaks
  • Centrifugal safety device included

* Features and specifications may vary, and are subject to change without notice

Optional features available for certain models. Contact your customer service representative for help choosing the best tool balancer for your application.

  • Optional Load Lock secures the load at any height (OPTION B)
  • Optional Cable Brake slows travel speed (OPTION F)
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