TECNA Balancers and Retractors for Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations

Cable management solutions for electric vehicle charging stations

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Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are one of the typical applications where TECNA balancers and retractors are proving a valuable asset. Whether wall-mounted or standalone, the reliability and performance of our mechanisms and overall design are well appreciated by manufacturers and installers all over the world.

When charging your electric vehicle, you want safety, ease of use, order, and ergonomics. A place for everything and everything in its place. TECNA balancers and retractors are an easy-to-use EV charging station accessory that suspends the charging cable and effortlessly draws the cable back in for convenient storage.

TECNA recommends the following balancers and retractors for EV charging stations:

The 9320 – 9323 and 9336L – 9350 models are an excellent mix between load capacities, long stroke (extensions are available), and rugged construction. Special versions with longer strokes up to 4,5m are available on request. The STOP device (9346L – 9350) integrates a special RATCHET that allows you to pull and lock/unlock the position of your plug, which is then recalled by a simple tug on the cable.

TECNA balancers and retractors prove their rugged construction in any extreme working conditions. TECNA balancers and retractors are also available in explosion-resistant (ATEX-rated). TECNA explosion-resistant balancers and retractors are ideal for installation in hazardous conditions and are ATEX certified to Ex II 2G c T6 and Ex II 2D c T85°C.

TECNA 9320 - 9321 - 9322 - 9323 Balancers | BALANCERSDirect.com

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