TECNA Air Hose Balancers FOR SALE

Buy TECNA 9200, 9201, 9202, and 9203 Balancers from our IN-STOCK Inventory.

TECNA air hose balancers are designed for use with lightweight tools where balancing and uncluttered workspaces are important. Air hose balancers from BALANCERSDirect.com have an aluminum body and polyurethane air hose with 1/4″ thread input / output. This configuration suspends the tools and supplies them with air.

TECNA air hose balancers allow air-powered tools to be hung directly from the hose, making tools nearly weightless, reducing operator fatigue, and improving safety and ergonomics. Tension adjustment is easy and precise.

Pick the air hose balancer from the list below with the correct weight capacity and stroke for the tool being suspended. If the tool is heavier than the dedicated air hose balancers can handle, consider using a stainless steel cable balancer to suspend the tool and supply the tool with a flexible coiled air hose.

TECNA Hose Balancers | TECNADirect.com
TECNA Air Hose Balancers
MODEL 9200 Hose Balancer 9201 Hose Balancer 9202 Hose Balancer 9203 Hose Balancer
Body / housing material: Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
Capacity: 0.8 – 2 lbs. (0.4 – 0.8 kg) 1.6 – 3.3 lbs (0.75 – 1.5 kg) 2.6 – 5.5 lbs (1.2 – 2.5 kg) 6 – 11 lbs (3 – 5 kg)
Stroke length: 53 in (1350 mm) 53 in (1350 mm) 53 in (1350 mm) 35 in (900 mm)
Cable / rope type: Polyurethane hose Polyurethane hose Polyurethane hose Polyurethane hose
  • Aluminum body
  • Maximum ease of use
  • Minimum overall dimensions as the tool is supported by the hose
  • Polyurethane hose
  • Rugged construction cast aluminum body
  • Adjustable capacity
  • Springs are properly sized to ensure long life and smooth running
  • Adjustable stroke limiting device
  • Auxiliary safety suspension
  • Max operating pressure 8 bar
  • Max operating temperature 50 °C


  • Auxiliary safety cable included to prevent balancer from falling if mounting hook breaks

* Features and specifications may vary, and are subject to change without notice


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