TECNA No Gravity Balancers

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TECNA NO Gravity Spring Tool Balancers are durable, zero gravity balancers that provide improved balance and easy handling. Configurations from 0.4 to 396 lbs. (0.2 – 180 kg.). NO Gravity Balancers from BALANCERSDirect.com are available in the following configurations:

  • Light NO Gravity Balancer
  • Medium NO Gravity Balancer
  • Heavy NO Gravity Balancer
  • X-Light NO Gravity Balancer
  • X-Heavy NO Gravity Balancer

TECNA No Gravity Balancers feature an Aluminum Alloy or Nylon body material and carries its load on a Stainless Steel wire rope. Medium, Heavy and X-Heavy No Gravity Balancer configurations include a load lock with a chain able to be reached by an operator standing on the floor.


TECNA NO Gravity Balancers

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  • Optional Load Lock secures the load at any height (OPTION B)
  • Optional Rotating Insulated Load Hook allows user to rotate the load only, rather than the entire balancer (OPTION R)

* Features and specifications may vary, and are subject to change without notice

Light NO-Gravity Balancer Medium NO-Gravity Balancer Heavy NO-Gravity Balancer X-Light NO-Gravity Balancer X-Heavy NO-Gravity Balancer
TECNA No Gravity LIGHT Balancer TECNA NO Gravity MEDIUM Balancer | BALANCERSDirect.com TECNA No Gravity Heavy Balancer | TECNADirect.com TECNA No Gravity X-Light Balancer | TECNADirect.com TECNA No Gravity X-Heavy Balancer | TECNADirect.com


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