TECNA 931x Series Tool Balancers

Buy TECNA 9311, 9312 and 9313 Series Tool Balancers TODAY from BALANCERSDirect.com

Capacity Range:  0.8 – 2 lbs. (0.4 – 1 kg.)

TECNA 9311, 9312 and 9313 tool balancers provided a weightless operator experience for loads from 0.8 – 2 lbs. (0.4 – 1 kg.). TECNA 9311, 9312 and 9313 tool balancers are available in stainless steel cable, ATEX (ideal for installation in potentially hazardous conditions such as explosive areas containing flammable gases or combustible dust) and nylon cable which carries its load on a polypropylene wire or Dyneema® rope.

TECNA 9311, 9312 and 9313 tool balancers are available now from BALANCERSDirect.com.

TECNA 9311 - 9312 - 9313 Balancers | BALANCERSDirect.com

For immediate assistance, please give us a call at 844-44-TECNA or +1-216-475-5629.

  • AX = ATEX models (hazardous condition / explosion resistant)
  • NY = Nylon cable models


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